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Storchem Alcohols Ltd. is a Spirits Licensee, selling bulk and packaged ethanol to all types of industries

Storchem Alcohols Ltd. is the Canadian distributor for Grain Processing Corp. 

We import pure beverage grade alcohol (ethyl alcohol , ethanol) and package into totes drums and pails.

Pure, Specially Denatured and Completely Denatured blends

Storchem Alcohols Ltd. ships 25,000 L tankers  as well as 1,050 L totes, 210 L drums and 21 L pails of beverage grade pure 95% (190 proof) ethyl alcohol, (ethanol).  

We also blend to all Government approved Specially Denatured (SDAG) and completely denatured alcohol (DA-2) formulas.

Import - Export , Distribution

Storchem Alcohols Ltd. operates in all geographical locations.

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